A story-driven cyberpunk CCG inspired by Blade Runner and Neuromancer. Available now for Windows from Rogue Moon Studios.

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Face challenging opponents, from corporate security forces and automated defense systems to street gangs and bounty hunters.

Recruit agents and equip them with Black Market weapons and cybernetics. Experiment to discover powerful combos.

Play through an exciting story campaign. From the streets of San Angeles 2150 to the towering corporate arcologies.

Interact with cunning hackers, ruthless mercenaries, scheming executives and deadly assassins. When everyone has a price, who can you trust?


Rogue Moon Studios is a small, independent South African game studio founded by Gareth Fouche. Our mission is to create games that combine rich, intriguing worlds with compelling gameplay.


PC initially, Mac to follow.

Release Date

April 2016 for PC. Mac to follow mid-2016.




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  • Create the perfect deck to smash your opponent's defenses.

  • Build your reputation as an elite runner in the San Angeles sprawl.

  • Play through the exciting story campaign.

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